The Irishman

• December 8th, 2019

Marty, Bobby and Joe are back in a mob movie, and Andre and Steve are back in the car to talk about it! Take a drive with us as we break down the latest by one of our favorite filmmakers. See if you can tell if we used computer technology to replicate our younger voices!

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What’s so Funny About JOKER?

• October 17th, 2019

Why so serious, Todd Phillips? Take a drive with Steve and Andre as they discuss such exciting topics as: does art need to be responsible? Would Robert DeNiro make a good talk show host? Why are clowns all the rage? How come the "clown prince of crime" is always played by Oscar winners? Find out in the latest episode of Film Driven!

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Tarantino II

• August 9th, 2019

Film Driven is back! And so is Quentin Tarantino with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood! Join us as we delve deep into what the film is trying to say, the controversies, and wether we should believe that QT is really planning to retire (or direct a Star Trek film). Enjoy.

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Favorites of 2018

• January 11th, 2019

It's been a minute, as the kids say. Take a drive with Andre and Steve as they discuss some favorites from the past year, everything from blockbusters to overlooked gems to violent, bizarre films you might hate them for recommending. Buckle up!

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DP Carlson and Joe Frank

• March 20th, 2018

Steve and Andre pull over and pick up their first ever guest -- Chicago filmmaker DP Carlson, who takes a drive with the Film Driven crew to discuss documentaries, the realities of being a truly independent working filmmaker, and especially his new film "Joe Frank -- Somewhere Out There."

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Oscar Preview!

• March 2nd, 2018

It's our annual (or at least occasional) Oscar preview pod! Take a drive with us as we debate such hot topics as "should anyone ever win an Oscar for their first movie?", "Is PHANTOM THREAD a romantic comedy?" and "Will THE SHAPE OF WATER be the only Best Picture winner to feature a description of a merman's penis? Or just the first?"

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Best of 2017

• February 9th, 2018

Hey there, remember us? After a lengthy hiatus, Steve and Andre are back with a look back at 2017, including some recommendations for films you may have overlooked. Take a drive with us through the snow as we debate important questions such as, is "Dunkirk" good? What if one of the stars of "Twilight" is actually a great actor? What was the great sequel we didn't know we wanted?

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The Return of Film Driven

• April 30th, 2017

Steve and Andre - back from their self-imposed hiatus - explain their mysterious absence, have a quick chat about the Oscars and delve into a bevy of strong new films that bid well for 2017. There's even an in-depth discussion of Hugh Jackman's grooming choices. Enjoy the ride... (though in the interests of transparancy, we were - in fact - parked.)

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The Hateful Film Driven Awakens!

• January 14th, 2016

Steve and Andre come out of their winter (and new baby) holes to discuss two current "event movies:" STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS and THE HATEFUL EIGHT. Do they live up to the hype? Take a drive with us and find out!

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TV Heaven: Pt. 2 The Stream Of Love

• October 7th, 2015

We're back with Part 2 of our TV rundown. This time, we'll talk about some of the best shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime; programs like Peaky Blinders, House Of Cards, Transparent and Narcos. We'll also tackle the critical questions of why television is so freaking good now, and how to pronounce Cillian Murphy's name. Hitch a ride with Film Driven.

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